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Design Capabilities      

1.)  SCR, IGBT or MOSFET Induction Heating Power Supplies. Parallel and/or Series Tuned Tank Components, Constant DC Voltage, Variable DC Voltage, Variable Current.
2.)  Frequency Range of 60 - 450 KHz
3.)  Discreet Logic, FPGA, and/or Microprocessor based controls.


Circuit Modeling - Component Voltage & Current Waveforms, Losses,  and Switching Transients. Linear and Non-Linear Snubber Circuits. Diode or SCR, 6 or 12 Pulse Rectifiers.

Fault Analysis - Component Failures, Coil Shorts and Ground Faults.

Thermal Analysis - Component Failures, Coil Shorts and Ground Faults.

Coil Matching - All Modeling is Done With a Typical Range of Coils and Heated Materials to Ensure Adequate Power Matching.

Harmonic Analysis - AC Harmonics for Both 6 and 12 Pulse Rectifiers Utilizing Either L or LC Filtering. Includes Inverter Frequency Components Reflected to the AC Line.

4.) IGBT or Mosfet Square Wave Generation Supplies.
5.) FEA Coil Design.
6.) Magnetic Design of Transformers and Inductors, (Air and Water Cooled.)
7.) Line Harmonic Analysis.
8.) Circuit Simulation.
9.) C++ Embedded Microprocessor Programming.
10.) FPGA  Programming.
11.) 1 - 6 layer Leaded or SMT Circuit Boards,
Design and Layout.
12.) AutoCAD / IntelliCAD Mechanical Layout and Detailing.